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Saturday, January 01, 2000

Great Tool for Trigger Point and Referred Pain : Trigger Point Therapy (quick review)

Great, a Must Have Tool for All Fibromyalgia Sufferers!
This is a book I use almost daily. I love it. Commendations to Donna and Steven Finadno for writing a book that eases trigger point pain! As someone who suffers from acute trigger point discomfort, I wholly believe that this is a powerful tool in releasing some, if not all, the tension and pain from certain points. It also gives great insight into how to stop the tension from beginning in the first place, correcting posture, habits, and basically the way you move yourself in general. It makes you more aware of your trigger points, as an interconnected bodily web. It treats trigger points as they should be treated, holistically.

The Short Circuit of Trigger Points to Referred Pain
Many people I've talked to, that have trigger point issues, are unaware of how unusual trigger points behave. They don't usually understand that if you have a pain in your neck, for example, it may be due to pressure points on your shoulder being stimulated. Or if you have pain in your jaws, it may be your neck, or even your shoulders causing the pain, or the opposite. Headaches, similarly, can be caused by neck or shoulder issues.

Reference Guide
At the end of the book is an EXCELLENT picture to page reference guide called the Pain Pattern Index (p. 229-235). Basically, it shows body parts arranged by area groups (posterior, anterior, legs, etc), each group has several little pictures with red dots. Those dots show where the pain is, so if you feel pain in your jaws, it'll show you what muscle group is being triggered - and the page number where you can find RELIEF!! How often I have said whispered thank-yous to this book.

Long Term Solutions
What's great about this book is that it teaches you how to be aware of your trigger points, so that you avoid setting off the painful chain reactions.

This is not a book to be read by a lay person. I recommend that if you are not familiar with anatomy, that you get yourself a pocket guide to anatomy - especially musculature. It's not a super advanced medical book, so don't be too daunted!! It's just easier if you know your muscles and your bones!

My Quick Review:
+ such a great overall tool
- hard for lay persons to read
+ Pain Pattern Index
+ causative factors of trigger point activation
- I would like to see more points explored.
+ stretching exercises and strengthening exercises
+ well organized
+ excellent graphics!

Go, get it now!!!

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