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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Animal Encounter: Silly Goose!

This morning I was relaxing and watching Stark Trex TNG, having breakfast and hanging out with my adorable and venerable Gordon the Shichon ( bichon + shih tzu pronounced SHEE-shon). I happened to look out the window (as I am doing more and more with the warning of Winter coming the trees put up a colour show!) to see a large brown paper bag. I zoned out and kept looking at it, and it just moved wrong. So with closer inspection I realized it was a big bird with head tucked invisibly within its grogeous drab plumage. What kind of bird? I wasn't sure! As a car went by at a stupid speed for a curved (and obstructed-view with hedges etc) residential street, I realized others might percieve it as a bag, and had a small and important choice to make: grab my camera and waste precious moments OR sprint out in the street and give it a better chance at not being Roadkill Surprise! I chose sprinting.

I was not wearing shoes. Purple socks. I was wearing layers upon layers as I am battling a lung cold/flu, purple flowery pj pants and a green jogging material skirt, a black tshirt with a maroon cardigan. It was cold too.

I approached it, meaning business, and it unraveled itself and stood up. It was a young adult and since it is hunting season here - I wondered if it had been shot for a second and then tried to back it onto the grass of the park. Nope. He hissed at me! Beak opened 45 degrees then 90.. I remembered the rules of bird posturing: get big.. really big.. and make crazy loud noises.. I opened my ample cardigan as my makeshift wings and made bedlamesque-voiced commands, "come on, silly goose, out of the street!" and it opened up its bodacious and wide-spanned wings (about a meter). I won the posturing match but it glided further down my street!!

"Noooo! OFF the street!" I ran after it and herded it towards the edge but it took a good risky amount of time till he or she finally decided to work with me. He waddled upon the green and safe grass! Yes! "Good! Now stay thete" and I chased him up toward the backyard of the home so he would take a safe nap within view of my window. Mission accomplished!

Just then, I noticed neighbors watching from a nearby door way and a window of a separate house who did not seem to see the goose. They just saw a crazy girl running down the street in pants and skirt yelling "get off the road" in socks and with fresh Kleenex tucked into every pocket and fold of fabric. Grreeeeeat! ;)

But the goose.. Is safe!

Ps. No pics tho :(

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Lionel the Lionheart!

This week something both horrifying and joyful happened that I thought I would share on facebook via my Blog.
Please! If you are easily upset or disturbed by severely injured animals, don't read this next part. Read Happy Endings at the end of this post!!!

The Sad Part
Yannick, my soul mate and best friend, heard about a cat with something wrong with its eyes through his mother's coworkers at a care Mansion. (He was taking his days off at his home in Cornwall, where his Mom lives too.) They were brought this tiny kitten, looking no more than two weeks old, and much to Yannick and his mom's horror.. The eyes were not only wrong but they had been shredded and externallized. Yannick hypothesizes a weed whacker whipped the lil guy's head at the eyes. They acted quickly, rushing the no name kitten to the vet and all agreed action had to be taken immediately, it was late at night and it was a fragile and emotional quest.

This was a cat who had been in the wild. He was flea ridden, but the vet treated it, dirty, and alone when found.

Brave Lion
The little one didn't show any signs of pain, no crying, no shudders or evasive movements when handled. No complaints. But also, no eyes. He was, and is to be, blind - I don't want to get your hopes up on that sadness. However at the end of this I'll explain research how it will be overcome.
Yannick decided he would pay for surgery to keep this junior cat alive! He waited nervously for the time to call and find out how the operation went, and it went well! He was so tough and doing so well. He could go home the next afternoon! And he did!

******Happy Endings******

So now there is a new feline in our lives, from a hard life into the lucky life of being selflessly rescued by Yannick and his mother. Yannick sacrificed a great deal of time and money, getting him the life saving surgery.

I came up with some names, but my favorite names had to do with Leo.. For many reasons. My beloved Grandfather Lionel is someone I have always greatly admired for his strength, courage, and wisdom. The kitten showed he has the heart of a lion, finding help instead of just finding a spot to die! He was born during the Zodiac sign Leo. He is feline so related to the big cats. He purrs loud! So after deliberation over dozens of names, Yannick and his Mom decided that Lionel fit :)

Facts about Lionel:
- He has been aged about four weeks old
- He is a long hair
- He is white with grey areas
- He has a a very strong apetite
- He is very affectionate and loves to be cuddled
- He wears a cone around his neck to stop him from touching the drains from his surgery.
- He is about the size of a large guinea pig.
- He is a very happy cat.

I am going to meet him in person next week, as he is staying with Nick's Mom during his recovery and until we buy our house. I don't know if I will be allergic, so I hope not. Yannick is smitten with this kitten.

I will post photographs when I can, Nick's friend Chris has some pics from last night.

Your prayers and wishes are welcome to help Lionel stay healthy and happy!

I will post some research later, as I have been reading about blindness in kittens online.

(the above art is by Victoria Frances, look her up she's amazingly talented)

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Yup, another Earthquake! Eastern Ontario. August 23rd 2011

Several back and forth style tremors felt in Orleans, Ottawa, and Cornwall.. Calling around for more locations. Share your stories and lemme know!!

Update: Virginia!!! 5.8 epicenter????
New York STATE, Ohio felt it.

Lol CNN still have not posted about Canadians feeling the quakes.

Update: London, Ontario checked in - sorry the comment system is mailing by not authoizing very quickly. Yup, it's the same quake!!

Update: Montreal felt it

Thanks for all your comments, I will put the info in this post as they come in and publish them once I can get the authorization to work :s Chaple Hill ty for comment!! You felt it too!

Update: up to the Laurentian Mountains!

Update: Pennsylvania felt it

Update: people are feeling it in Fredrickton, New Brunswick!

Oh and reporters are now starting to pump out the multiple locations. Good job!!!!

Update: Thanks for reporting in Maryland!

Update: Thanks for reporting Michigan! Detroit!

Update: Thanks for your report Delaware, Chicago, New York City, and Conneticut!

Update: Thanks friends in Sudbury, North Bay, and Hamilton Ontario. I appreciate the reports so I can see the distance.

Update: Thanks to Toronto and Indiana for reporting in!

A lot of people are getting evacuated in case of aftershocks which csn be more powerful than the initial quakes. We counted three here in Ottawa. Again, like last time.. My fibromyalgia was acting up like crazy before the quake and I had to lay down, I am always in bed when these things strike. Interesting. Keep the locations coming and I will post them when I can. I love hearing these tremor tales!

Update: the quakes were reported to me in Waterloo Ontario, Belleville, Windsor, and South Carolina. Thus ends my hour of amateur reporting!! Thanks for your reports and I will see you next time I have an interesting project ;)

After the first one (here I would say it was around 3 on the RS) I went to the bathroom and got another one.. O m g .. I felt seasick!! It was interesting. It was slight enough not to be at all scary but enough to be fun. Those are the good types of quakes ;)

Tip: avoid going to the bathroom while an earthquake is in progress! Feels sooooo wrong.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Chronic Illness/Pain tip: Know the Spoon Theory

Joining Twitter has been a boon for the stress of my illness. It is a Perfect analogy for how people with chronic illness and/or pain must manage their lives. I kept seeing people with Chronic Illness use the tag #spoonie and so set out to find out what that was. I was changed by the answer after I read said theory.

Christine Miserandino is definitely a Hero in the pantheon of chronic illness. Thank you very much for this amazingly accurate analogy!!

I encourage you to read the full article (click on pic below) but for those of you who want a quick answer due to fibrofog or rush:

Every day chronically ill people start off with a set amount of energy and tolerance. With each activity that amount of energy/tolerance is less and less, until the sufferrer must stop* - otherwise the following days or even weeks will have a debt of fatigue, pain and other consequences*.

Stop = Bedridden or must sleep or just do nothing.
Consequences = major side effects common to the illness, for example fibro sufferrers may get thick fibrofog or dizziness or digestive inflammation which leads to constipation or diarrhea.. Etc.

The Spoon Theory by Christine Miserandino at - Click on the pic below to read it :) It will show how Lupus Warrior Christine used spoons to explain to a close friend her experience compared to 'normal' folk.

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Fibromyalgia Tip: Spots (Pain Tip)

Focus on a part of your body that does not hurt ar the moment. It can be big as a limb or small as a pencil eraser's tip. Focus on that art with all of your mind. Search for more places if you have some, again the smallest pieces of nonpain will work. If none of you is like that.. Find a place with less pain than the rest.
Focus on all these places with all of your mind.
Try to "grow" the spots with your mind, picture them dilating and relaxing.
Keep focusing for ten minutes. Just focusing on the painless areas will help the mind relax pain signals as it tends to overreact during pain episode and showing it less pain in as many areas as they exist will stop that overreaction.

As always: practice makes perfect. I have tested this method for over six months and have severe fibro pain: this works. Put your heart in it.

I find calming music helps.
Press your thumb to your index finger's knuckle (whichever feels comfortable) while you focus. Doing this enough will allow you to have a Pavlovian response next time you touch your thumb to knuckle. Save the other fingers and knuckles for different responses - I will be adding more tip. When you train enough, day after day, you will be able to just touch thumb to index finger knuckle and get a pain relief automatically.
Breathe in slow and deeply: breathe in counting to four, hold two, breathe out eight, hold two, and repeat. On the out breath, try to do it gently and slowly.

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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

How to Woo a Worthwhile Woman - Meeting her Part 1 - Intro to the series

After downloading and giving advice on the newish app Opinionaided, a great deal of men drew my attention to a problem so many men seem to face: How do you find, woo, and keep a worthwhile woman?

Qualifications: I have been a woman for 30 years, my job includes but is not limited to counselling men and women about relationship problems, I have known many women and men in my life too and have had extensive relationship experience. And I am crazy about learning.. Including the human struggle to find and keep and please a mate.

Note: I think any human being is qualified to give their opinion/advice on such a topic as we are all humans and therefore experts in the human condition in some way. Take any advice you get from amateurs or professionals with hesitation and analysis.. Critical thinking and common sense must be applied to everything you read anywhere.

What is a worthwhile woman? A woman who takes dating and love serious enough not to be flippant, and does not take it too serious enough to be crazed and desperate. A woman who can love and has the capacity to overcome or at least take on the dangers of opening themselves up to love. A woman who is brave enough to open herself to trust but wise enough to know when not to. A woman capable of commitment, tenderness, compassion, understanding, and humor. This does not by any means suggest that she should be obedient or blindly servile.. That is not a good thing. Usually those women are hurt and need healing. That does not mean she is not worthwhile, however, it means you cannot be a lazy man that takes advantage or her pain. A worthwhile woman should be able to spot a worthwhile man.. With the qualities I listed for the worthwhile woman. Worthwhile is sexless, all encompassing.

Flippant: someone who doesn't take you seriously in love is probably closed hearted and might end up cheating or just plain lose interest or you will do that to her. One must be cautious of flippancy but not mistake it for a frivolous sense of humor, or faking flippancy. How do you tell the difference? Ask. Do you take our relationship seriously? Honesty and outright clarity will not phase a worthwhile woman but improve her respect and intimacy with the worthwhile man. If your girl freaks out, do be patient and let her think about the question for a day. She may have her reasons, and the worthwhile ones will explain them if you ask what they are. What are your true reasons for not taking it seriously? Could it be fear that I do not? Could it be fear that our relationship will fail? Could it be history clouding your thoughts? Tell me about it? These questions may not only clear things up and confirm a worthwhile mate, but also bring you closer together in that communication and honesty. Keep the questions away from padding or fancy vocabulary as basic will ring true of genuine motive.

Desperation: people can get desperate, even the worthwhile woman and man. Don't judge too quickly, take your time and ask questions. Sometimes, however, desperation can be a sign of needy, clingy, controlling, manipulative and dangerous behavior. One way to find out if the desperation is bad is by taking your time in the relationship from the first moment.. A desperate yet sane and perhaps worthwhile partner will be okay with that. Bad desperates will get worse over time. Don't commit to any labels until you are sure she is not dangerous. The worthwhile woman will become clear if you say outright: you seem a bit desperate and that unsettles me, I really like you but want to know if you like me for who I am and not just a warm body or hobby. She may be upset or mad, fuming perhaps, but stated without sass and with kindness and honesty: she will understand your concerns and perhaps even benefit from such a query into her motives and outward appearance. Personally when my beloved poses me with criticisms I adore his way. It is not mean or teasing, he is genuinely concerned or thinks I could do better than the status quo. Our honesty brings us closer and we benefit from being checked by eachother. The key to this is honesty, no attitude, and genuine desire for your mate to improve for their sakes.
The bad desperate will probably get MORE desperate and angrier as time goes by. She is not a bad person but is experiencing a bad time in her life - men and women go through desperate phases in their lives - it's a reaction to trauma. But it's not a good time to start heavily committing. If you feel the bad desperate person is worth it, help them with their pain but keep them at a distance! Take it very slow. If this is a person's only issue that bothers you, everything else is good and you really are feelin' it.. Work through it with the person but make sure that you don't do all the work.

Where Should You Go?
Where would such a woman be? That depends on your tastes. Personally I find dating sites will offer a larger selection than just going out. But it is a crap shoot too.. You could meet Her almost anywhere and at almost any time. I want to put a thinking process to work here.
1. Think of the type of woman that excites you. Are you looking for a sportive or sedentary relationship? Are you into goths or maybe classic women? Are you into big girls, skinny girls, short girls, tall girls, tomboys, girly girls, babydoll girls, dancers, clubbers (dance that is), philanthropic girls, mean girls, etc? Each "fishing spot" can be related to each girl type. The Fishing Spot reveals much about the person. Or hunting grounds, as I enjoyed calling it ;)
Think about the places you have already tried. Three of them for this exercise then answer the following: (example to follow)
1. What type of place is this?
2. What activities take place?
3. Stereotypically who goes there?
4. Why would someone want to go to this place?
5. What is the environment like?
6. What vices are apparent there?
7. What hours do you want to go and what is peak time?
8. Do you fit into the "scene"?
9. Is it a good fun place even without meeting someone?

Example 1: Jake
Jake is a large sportsloving bear of a man who loves his opposite like so many of us do. He wants to find a petite feminine woman, sweet and funny, talkative and considerate with a timid side and also a homebody. He is going to examine his "fishing spot". His name and the name of the establishment have been changed.
Place one: Don's Sports Bar and Poolhall
1. A sports bar, pool hall, and local drinking hole.
2. A place to play pool and darts and the occassional arcade tournament on Deer Hunter or Drivin' USA. The bar is substantial and there are six tv's constantly on sports. There is a trivia game socially played.
3. Sports fan, local drinkers and socializers, friends together for the sports and games, heavy drinkers during the entire day, late night partiers, and of course random bar fans.
4. To play games, watch sports, meet people, drink, socialize, etc.
5. Dark, loud, occassional screams of joy or horror, oak furniture, dim pool lights, a mix of games depending on the night, smells like beer and peanuts, relaxed, and down to earth. Trophies and pictures on the wall. Open concept.
6. Drinking, outside smoking, gambling. Overeating on wings and other yummy bar food. Salty.
7. He visits during the day at four to five, and during the evening from nine to two in the morning. Special game nights.
8. Most of the time, Jake is tired of the bar scene but is also tired of being single. He would prefer a change.
9. He forces himself on most nights but still loves to see sports on a better tv. Drinks to make it more interesting but otherwise doesn't overdo it. Trivia has lost its magic but arcade still is okay.
So after answering these questions, Jake then analyzed if that fits with what he wants. Separate the traits, work with stereotypes as most people do and will gravitate towards their roles.. Most times in order to find who they want.
1. Does the place fit your personality? Not quiet but a little. He is a fun guy who likes sports and games, but it is too dark and normal for that part of him who wants something new. Jake isn't some stereotypical pidegeon-hole-able man, not two dimensional. But working on advertising a part of himself is a good step. So this place does fit a part of him. What to take away from this: not the ideal representation, but on occasion. This could be an occasional fishing spot.
2. Does this place flatter your better side? Not so much, although his skills at pool and darts has been known to turn a head. Takeaway: occasionally good.
3. Would your ideal stereotype spend a lot of time here? Not really, Jake replied, but she could stop by on rare occasion. Would she be impressed with you being in this place? Not overly. Maybe slightly amused by his skills. takeaway: occasional, rarely.
4. Does this place offer a high probability of exposing you to your ideal mate? Probably not.

So where, then, should Jake go to have a high probability of finding Her? A place that suits her style. Suits that kind of woman.
I want to impress upon any reader that stereotypes are only for the purpose of probability. Common sense is your best fool in the tackle box of ideal mate fishing. You navigate in a three dimensional world using two dimensional tools, but you need to use common sense to go the rest of the way, otherwise you get a two dimensional girl. Use a gps but keep your eyes on the road and signs.

Back to the road. So where would a feminine, sweet, verbose and funny homebody be?
Firstly, at home. Homebodies will hunt in the internet, when they HAVE to go out, and special occasions. Rarely will they go out on a daily basis. So right there your odds hurt, especially in places unlike their comfort zone. You will primarily use internet, dating sites. You will put a lot of time into this and at times you will want to give up.. But keep at it.

Homebody or Shut-In?
Some homebodies are reclusive people, sometimes anti social, sometimes phobic of wide space or cramped crowds. This might be a big problem, so probe this out quickly! Sometimes it is not a choice, sometimes it is. Don't blatantly come out and ask if the woman is a shut in.. Be tactful, tact being a major skill for attracting women. If you need a mate who is social and city loving, you need to filter people out of the mix.. However borderline reclusive folks can sometimes be swayed back into the social world through slow steps. Point being, if you love her enough.. Compromises can be made. Dealbreakers come later, this article is about finding Her.

There are obvious places we all need to go, and this can prove to be a wonderful way to meet people if you have enough bravery. Places like: grocery store, gas station, dentist's office, hardware store, bus-train-subway stations, corner stores, post office, malls, etc. Why bravery? Well when you go to these places they are not always places that create pick-up situations. You also know very little about them and stalking them around the store to observe them for clues is damned creepy. Some girls like creepy, most do not. You will need to be brave, casual, and cute.

Cuteness is the opposite of creepy!

You might think jokes and humor aren't creepy but they certainly can be the utmost disturbing moments. Cute, on the other hand, is usually a safe bet.

This article is about meeting Her, getting a chance to see her. Following articles will outline the next steps. This serves as only a tip-of-the-iceberg starter article. Although it is long and perhaps not as concise and clean as I would like, I did promise my male friends this a week ago :s

I will write asap on the continuation of where and how to meet Her, and the conclusion of Jake's story.. Juicy!!!! Thanks for your patience guys, I hope this tickles your fancy and I promise more sultry slings for you soon.

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