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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Quantum Spirituality, Vanilla Addition, and Sexy Science #1

Today I was trying to explain how an earlier interest in atoms opened up a vast spiritual pathway to me, and I found myself unable to vocalize it. Probably the nervousness, probably the weather, probably the pills.. but I just was not able to put it out through my mouth. This is not a rare thing in Emland.. no... I am much better at wording.

At a young age, I don't remember where, I was introduced to certain atomic theories. Like the concept that no one, nothing, ever really touches. Like the concept that most of the universe is space and not matter.. including you. Like the concept that we're all a matrix of subatomic matter, all interconnected, and all the same thing..

Take the first and last paragraph of this post. They are separate, but linked in the pixel matrix on your screen. Unless you need to change your monitor.. lol. Every pixel is connected to the matrix.. and this is on a two dimensional level. We're allegedly connected in three dimensions, some believe in more dimensions, and I agree, than just X, Y, and Z.

Recently I've seen a docudrama that explained a lot of this really well - What the Bleep Do we Know? which really summed up many of my feelings on the universe quite well. Although there's a lot of new age stuff in there that shaves off some of the science.. so if you don't have an imagination.. don't rent. lol. There are a lot of new age spiritualists that show off their theories, and I think they're worth thinking about and not quickly dismissing. Don't take the new age stuff to heart, just the theory if you're all science. I, however, am not all science.

I am a great believer in attitude. The world is 90% attitude, and 10% reality. So, how you look at things determines how you react to things. I once had a guy tell me that my spiritual way of thinking was fine, but he relies on the facts that science gives. He thought that my life was based too much on my imagination and intuition, and that I needed to face science. A fair estimate for someone who didn't know me well, but personally - I face science a lot.

I love the way science adds depth to the smallest molecule, how it delves into the empirical data and finds patterns.. develops theories.. but much of science is theoretical (that I love too). Math I love, 1+1 = 2 is a comfort. I love math puzzles, as long as I'm alone and not nervous. A universal security blanket. It's our linen sheets, milk chocolate, white picket fence, and vanilla ice cream. The answers are universal. But get into talking about Atoms, Photons, Dark Matter, Singularities, or exactly what animates us beyond the tangible - and you get theories for the most part. THAT part of science is exotic, that neighborhood couple who experiment with swing parties, smoke pot, and paint their house pink. Radical! Experimental! An unexplored area of our universe. That's the spirit I feel when I ask myself about the paradoxical existence of a universe (ie. what is outside our universe, and outside that? How can something create a universe?). I wish I had a thousand brains to work on that problem. Chicken/Egg dilemma basically. That is spirituality to me. Thinking beyond the body, way beyond, and self actualizing to the point of no return ... the Rubicon for me was the Atom.

I am also a believer in a nonlinear time sphere. I am NOT a believer in time travel, but I AM a believer in multiple dimensions - (thinking of tesseracts fascinate me!) and I am still working on my opinion concerning infinite possibility - (you know, every choice possibly made has been made, and each eventuality had its own dimension) - and I believe that these dimensions, like X and Y and Z - connect at certain "points".

Moreover, I believe I know just a grain of sand in comparison to nine billion light years about the universe.. and that goes the same for pretty much everyone. Scientists specialize, and may know more about one thing than another - or geniuses might know two grains of sand in nine billion light years.. but pretty much, we know shit in the grand scale of things. I think that is what makes life so interesting, that there are an infinite amount of frontiers for us to explore.. there'll never be a time where we know everything.

Where does the spirituality come in???

I like to think that many things are possible. I think psychic ability could be just another sense, a receptive sense that picks up on alternate dimensions or future occurrences via nonlinear time. Like an echo bouncing backwards, except the wave isn't sound - it's thought or who knows - maybe something as yet unnamed. That's one way that I explain my success. Maybe it's the fact that we're all tied into the energy matrix of all those little atoms, protons, electrons. You can't get away from atoms ;) Maybe it's something else.

more to come, I'm pooped.

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