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Friday, November 03, 2006

Grooming Tips for Dogs

So cute, and so hard to snap a picture of: Gordon!

This is after his daily grooming. I brush his hair, remove all eye gunk, pluck ear hairs (some breeds require this to prevent wax mats), I also cut any hairs that are in his way... lol. He's getting better and better at tolerating this.

TIPS for doggy owners:

To remove really stubborn eye gunk, goo, or crusties - encrusted like mats in the hair near eyes: wet a kitchen paper towel with warm water (test on you skin (delicate skin like inner wrist), and massage the mat for about 2 minutes. Use a fine tooth comb, and comb AWAY from the direction of the eye. If it's still too tough, massage for 2 more minutes, then try again. Still not coming out? Use the comb to hold the mat, and then use small scissors (with rounded points) to cut it off completely. This cutting method is used often, as it has the added bonus of preventing future, more complicated, mats. Eye crusties are a pain in the butt, but they won't be such a problem if you handle them EVERY day or every two days. This will also cut down on tear stains that cause those dark circles under the eye. I don't so much mind the look of them, but I'd rather Gordon be comfortable without the crusties!!! - Now getting the dog to stay still is the challenge.. lol. And it depends on the dog. I put Gordon between my legs and keep him in a lock. Sounds kinky? Then you're messed up ;) heheheheheh

I love grooming time, and I try to do it every day at the same time. Dogs love schedule.. they become stressed when their schedule is messed with, and they calm down when the schedule is pristine and regular. Grooming time is usually after my breakfast and his breakfast (always eat before your dogs). I start with an overall brushing, and end with things he hates!! Lol.

Try to end with anything close to the eyes, and anything close to the feet. Did you know dogs are ticklish between their toes? So cute. I've gotten my worst tickle war wounds from Gordon's front feet.. gosh he gets so excited.. lol.

Ear plucking can also be a hard task, but if you do it a few times a day, a pluck at a time, every thing's okay. Even once a day is acceptable if you know how to do it. Reach in, not too deep, and pinch some hair between your thumb and forefinger, and pull it very quickly. Some dogs might bite, in that case, be sure to have a treat BEFORE the dog bites. Of course we never treat our pups for biting. Bad idea ;)

That's enough for that, I hope you enjoy the new pic 'o' Gord!!!

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