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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Smoke Angels

The picture to the right was something I saw on Astronomy Picture of the Day.. something that I view.. well, daily. I love it altogether too much.

It's called a Smoke Angel, created by planes. Beautiful isn't it? Click on it to see a HUGE version of it. Reminds me of Evangelion. Imagine seeing it for yourself, in the cockpit of a plane as you turn around to get a good look?

What is a smoke angel? Here's what APOD said:
" Explanation: What type of cloud is that? It is not a naturally occurring one. Looking perhaps a bit like a gigantic owl monster, the cloud pictured above resulted from a series of flares released by an air force jet over the Atlantic Ocean in May. The jet that released the flares, a C-17 Globemaster III, is seen on the right. The flares release smoke and the resulting pattern is sometimes known as a smoke angel. The circular eyes of the above smoke angel are caused by air spiraling off the plane's wings and are known as wingtip vortices."

Owl monster, I love that. It's one of those haunting images you can't wrap your brain around.. You think about it, you look at them, but the scope and beauty of the thing, as well as the pollution, make you mesmerized.

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