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Thursday, November 23, 2006

When you're sad...

Before I go to sleep... it's been a rough day, but I got through it! I'm still here!!

My wisest life tip:

hen you're sad, look at as many cute pictures as you can.. and don't give up, because somewhere out there, something ubercute is going on, something that makes this world worth all the daily crap it throws at you. Somewhere a kitten is grooming a baby mouse. Somewhere, a manatee is smiling at the sky. Somewhere, one species is helping another get through the muddy bog of this life.

Before you die, make it a point to spread the sweetness of this planet, as you make your way through the tart sorrow of suffering, and you will be a success.

I love this picture.. either I found it on Cute Overload or (My two fave websites). Anyways, interspecies love is elite sweetness.

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