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Friday, January 12, 2007

Gordon, Post Haircut and Dance Move

Gordon's Haircut is Done!
After his new haircut.. Gordon Cloudlamb feels so much more frisky and alive! He - flying - attacks all sorts of imaginary beasts, proclaiming himself as master of his realm and claims dominion over all that he sees! He's also a heck of a lot cuddlier, and has to wear a coat outside, but he's enjoying the freedom of less hair in the house. He'd get too hot in the house and pant all the time, poor boy! It took two days and a load of patience, but this is the outcome. I still have stray hairs to cut, but thusfar I am pleased with how much he seems to like it. More pics on my Flickr of the haircut session..
Gordon the Dancer
And this is Gordon after day 1 of the haircut.. doing his signiature dance moves. SASS, pure unadulterated SASS. This is after a session of rolling on the ground and then licking my hands furiously!

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