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Thursday, August 06, 2009


Well it's done now! All done! I had emergency surgery!
Just to keep a tiny update, it was both good and bad. Good - they got it out without having to cut me open, just the lap holes +b.button. And it's over!
Bad: I was awake during some of the surgery (was not supposed to be, general anaesthetic etc) and it's really messing with my head. But that's okay, I'll tell you about that little nightmare later. Fibro is really flared up cause they didn't take my fibro concerns into the surgery.
Really good: this is the beginning of the fifth night and I can sit at my computer for a minute! I can also walk a little bit and coughing doesn't elicit as much of a yelp as it has in the past days.

Besides the deep effed upness of being awake in surgery and feeling pain in it, feeling instruments and listening to chatter you'd rather be unaware of.. besides that - I'm really happy this is all over and now I can get better and see if my other symptoms improve. I plan to write tips on fibro and surgery that I learned from research, nurses, and people - soon.


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