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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Cute Therapy :)

I posted this on my website on invisible illnesses/disabilities and I thought you'd enjoy it:

One thing I firmly believe: cute things make the world easier to handle. Here are a list of sites I visit when I'm down in the dumps and need a non-medicinal pick-me-up... drugs are often laden with side effects, so if cuteness works for you as a supplementary therapy, use it - use it - use it!! (To come next month: funny/joke links)

Cute Overload
Pet of the Day
Yuebing, the sweet and talented Rabbit
Rate My Bunny
Rate My Kitten
Hamster Tracker
Amazing Cat Collection
Awesome Cute Wallpapers
Cute Cartoon Wallpaper Background by Meomi Design
The Daily Kitten
Giant Rabbit Rescue
Cats in Sinks
Kitten Pics
Flickr: Bunnies Unite! Photo pool
Disapproving Rabbits!(there's a second page too!)

3D Spinning Smiley

More to come, so if you want more cute links, stay tuned to this post. :)
Last Update: June 28th


Jeff Msangi said...

Thanks for the sites.We all go down and come back occassionaly.

Em said...

Thanks for visiting, Jeff! :) said...

i'm glad you like my site! thanks for the link!

Em said...

:) Thanks amazing cat collection!! I love your site!! LOVE IT LOVE it :)