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Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I've been searching for this for so long.. it's a way to find new authors.. without relying on others. Word of mouth is great, but sometimes I like the computer aspect.
Most of the music I listen to was found by playing LaunchCast Radio, Pandora and the Music Genome project. I have found many great artists this way also, by way of computerized and community based sites.
I have also found a lot of interesting websites by using such community based internet sites such as Stumble Upon - (a super duper place where you get to vote sites as good, tag them with keywords, etc. It's a Firefox toolbar. Awesome.)

What's great about the internet (another great thing) is that community thrives on it! People get together and meld minds, to a certain extent, and knowledge flows like beer at a Frat house. No longer do we have to rely on MTV, Much Music, friends, family, or ET to tell us what's new out there.. no, we can wander into the great busy marketplace that is the net and gather up pieces of ourselves. We find ourselves sometimes by sampling things around the world, finding what we like and what we don't, and it's a lot easier with grandiose variety.

Gnod - The Global Network of Dreams, where I found Gnooks, the similar author search this article is about. The search has a little bug, where the first suggestion for authors you might like tends to be the artist you enter.. say you like it and it'll show you some other authors of similar taste.

Picture above right is a photo I took last year of fern.

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