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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Clearing One's Head from Overload

We walk to clear our heads, exercise, sleep, eat, drink, whatever. There are so many ways to clean up the mess that can be the brain. Lately I've just been listening to a lot of music, exercising, and .. well, the pain ironically helps. Very distracting. Tends to put my focus back on what's really important.

I've also been getting away from too much online chat. Sometimes it can be fun. But I need a break from the internet sometimes. Computers. I love them, but sometimes they take up so much time.. so much time doing nothing at all. Just staring at a bright screen hurting eyes and hands and one's sense of reality.

Some online stuff is really worth time, like Cuteoverload (like Paxil without the side effects), or anything that makes you smile. Keeping in touch is good. Working is good.

I find that computers are a really great place to escape to when reality is just a little much. But then, if you go too far into the escape, you can forget yourself, lose yourself in the binary fantasy world. You become what you read, who you talk to, who you see yourself as in this fantasy. And then the real life people around wonder what the hell is going on.

As soon as I start seeing myself slip, I take a break from whatever is causing it, and then come back when I'm myself again. I'm too much of a sponge.. but at least I know when to wring myself out ;)

So if you're wondering why I'm gone.. I need to do some RL stuff.. Adventures if you will! Then I can write about more interesting stuff.

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