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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Gordie Update

Gordon the Cloud Lamb, Smiling

So my little cloud lamb is settling in well enough. I am pooped and having a massive fibro flare up.. but I am so in love with him. He likes to bite me lots, but I'm teaching him not to do so. I'm also teaching him "Drop it" "Sit" "Stay" "Find it" and of course the basics like housetraining and crate training. I haven't been all that successful in crate training.. My folks are doing a lot of it tho.. it's mainly my Dad's dog, but I am the secondary owner. I hate saying owner next to a dog. . . it's not something you really own, but someone you bring into your pack.

I was totally not prepared for how much work this was going to be, and how painful. I also didn't count on having this huge flare up. I almost went to the hospital today to get knocked out with some more serious painkillers.. the ones that come in liquid form. Always better than the ones that take a pit stop in your stomach. I also have a kickass liver that tends to filter most things out. Not that I'm complaining.. lol. If I had to make this decision over again (endorsing the puppy buying) I would have waited until my symptoms were more under control. As it is now, I play and feed and train and all that a doggy mommy should do, but I can foresee a week from now being bed-ridden Em if I'm not careful.

The Great Moogurt (Moo - Gurt)

Luckily, I have Moo-Gurt on my side (See above photo). This means less bites to the hands and arms. Thank goodness and my Mom for it! My Mom sewed on an extra arm-protecting faux lamb "fur" (?) onto it and I now have less trauma! He's so cute, he'll do this thing where he runs around the house like a grey hound after a fake bunny. We laugh heartily.

Alright, I am pooped and need to sleep. More to come :)


Colleen said...

Awww..I want a Moo-Gurt!;)

Dana said...

Oh, he is so cute! I love dogs!

Em said...

:) Thanks Dana!!! :)

And Colleen, wish hard enough and perhaps I will make you a Moogurt!!