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Friday, July 21, 2006

Prince Gordon the Cloud Lamb - Day 1 complete!

So we've had Gordie for a day now, and last night was certainly a learning experience. He is SO active at night!! I got bitten by many a mosquito taking him out to the bathroom. But he's so sweet, I can't even get frustrated at his not wanting to sleep. Of course it was his first night, and I didn't want him to get too stressed, so I spent a lot of time with him. Tonight we're going to keep him in his lovely and spacious crate... I will try NOT to listen, my folks are going to keep an ear out, as I have the softest heart I know.

When we used to babysit my eldest nephew regularly, any cries he'd make would strike me in the heart and I'd start getting teary.. yeah I know I'd be a bad Mom!!! I get upset when babies cry, and puppies are no exception. Of course, as I was taught back in the babysitting times, I have to think about what's best in the long run, and not so much in the short run. Short run - all I want to do is cuddle with Gordie, do whatever it takes to make that tail wag or see him sleep, but long run - that kind of babying will lead to a spoiled and overly attached doggie. I must get that through my emotional skull!!!!

It was beautiful this morning at 4:30am, the Sun was coming up and hitting the whispy clouds - lightening them up like neon signs too far away to read. Me and Gordie were outside, he was going to the bathroom and I was stopping him from getting into trouble, and it was a great moment.

Painwise I see a difference in having Gordon around. I have tons of pain from all the excitement - the 4 hours in the car, the weather, lifting Gord in his crate, frequent squats to get down to pick him up or pet him, laying on the floor.. etc: however, through all this pain, I am happier and more tolerant of the pain. I'm exhausted too.. I feel like my blood is as light as helium, running through my veins with chaotic undercurrents of sleep. It's too hot. I hate hot weather. I like it cool, not cold, but cool. Maybe even a little crisp.. just not jaw tremblingly cold.

Last note: I'm going to take a few posts off the blog.. so if you see things disappearing, it's all part of the plan.

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