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Saturday, July 15, 2006

It puts the IM in Impersonal

I got rid of MSN Messenger and the Plenty of Fish profile (online dating site) in one shot.

Instant Messaging? Oxymoron wih most...
Instant messaging is a waste of time for me -maybe not for others, especially long dist relationships who can't afford the long dist phone costs. It's frustrating, time consuming, and it forms negative habits.. I can't tell what one really means without hearing a mood.. without seeing face or at least hearing breaks or peaks in the voice.. I get annoyed by sarcasm or just plain online rudeness. Faceless, great for creeps to hide behind. I get annoyed also at how I respond to these people.. and I hate waiting and waiting while someone takes their bloody time to reply to a simple sentence, so I get annoyed/frustrated with them easily. Why not just email me if I'm to wait so long? Am I supposed to just sit here and stare at this screen? I like multi-tasking, sure, but when I'm conversing with someone, I really like it to be a real-time conversation. Also, people can hide behind their messenger and lie their asses off, and there's no way to tell. My main beef with instant messages: impersonal interpersonal communication, lifeless and one dimensional. Like having sex through a sheet, or being blind and deaf when you're not (blind-and-deaf people must want to slap IM'rs and say "get off your ass and meet people in person"). If I am to talk to people, I want the whole real raw deal, where I have all my senses to take the experience in.

Why did I get rid of POF?
There were too many guys who were either rude, cruel, frustrating, and just not right for me. There were a lot of nice guys too, which I hope continue emailing me, but the negative experiences were just too much. Real life is just so much more visceral and exciting, and I'd prefer to talk in real time.. call me impatient, but I don't think human beings should wait 15 minutes to hear the answer to "what's up"?

I'm going to let nature take its course, put my trust in bigger forces.

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