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Thursday, August 17, 2006

This too shall pass?

I have been practically bed ridden this week, I feel horrible. Each time I think I've experienced Hell, I regret thinking so - because it gets worse.. and worse.. and worse.
I'm pretty useless during these times, and it pains me to see Gordie playing, and I can't play with him much.. just a few minutes, then I'm sick and dizzy.
So much pain! I never thought I could tolerate this much! It makes me shake and sweat and really sick.
That is my update :)


Darrell said...

Sorry you're not feeling well. I hope you start feeling better soon.

If it's any consolation, with Colleen in Scotland I'm quickly reverting to a feral state. It ain't pretty.

Also, after 16 hours of high impact martial arts this weekend, combined with two nights camping in thunderstorms, I'm a little sore as well. I'm sure it can't compare what you're going through, but at least you don't have to suffer alone.

Em said...

Ah, how romantic!!