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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Art and the Carpet Shark.

This week I've been working on an exciting painting. It's like putting together a puzzle. I don't want to get into the concept, as I find that can mess things up... especially on such a doozie. I love complicated art, art with more layers than one can see. Art with bits and pieces that only the mind can put together in a subtle way, and only those who're in touch with that subconscious can put together. Also, art that pertains to specific arcane subjects, subjects that the general public wouldn't know about, only the indoctrinated... or some art critic in the year 2105! I love the thought of people looking at my art and seeing something of themselves in it. It enlivens and lights my heart.

Carpet Shark
Gordon is doing very well. I want to tell you about our ritual for saying:
  • I walk down the stairs.
  • Gordon Sees me.
  • He waits, I wait.
  • I sit on the floor.
  • He runs to me like a mad cat.
  • He and I rub noses.
  • He and I kiss said noses.
-Now, this can go either of two ways:

1. Shark Hello
  • Gordon bites my hand, licks it a bit, then bites a little more. More biting!!!
  • "Gordon: no bite!!!!!!" I say as calmly as possible, as not to arouse his prey drive any more. I want to shriek, but I know in doggy language it could mean: I'm excited, more more more!
  • Gordon still bites.
  • I get to higher ground: the couch, or just stand up and stretch. Stretching and yawning is calming to canines.
  • Gordon makes this sneezy sound and licks my foot for a good 30 seconds. Maybe even a minute, depending on my deliciousness that day.
I think the shark greeting means: why were you gone so long? I missed you and I will bite you in punishment!!!!

2. Cloud Lamb Hello

  • Gordon licks my hands and nuzzles me.
  • I kiss him on the snout, ears, and top of his head.
  • Gordon cuddles me and makes me into a nest.
  • I sigh with utter contentment and rest in heaven as he sleeps.
  • Gordon licks me in his sleep.

Aww.. he did that this morning. I love it when he does that. Soon I will have to go down to the ground floor - right now I am upstairs - so we shall see which one he deems applicable.


Mel said...


Its so great to hear from you!!!

I'm SO happy that you like our comic! I haven't seen you in a while and am sorry we can't hang out more often. I'll be back in Ottawa for Xmas though and in the meantime feel free to leave as many comments as you want!

Big Hugs back to Emilie


Em said...

:) Will do for sure :)

Hugs to you!