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Thursday, October 05, 2006

TV Lineup

I watch TV. It's easy to do when you're in pain and fatigued. Usually I'm doing other stuff, but I'll get to that lately. Let's start with what I LOVE to watch this season.

Monday: Corner Gas - a cute sitcom, funny, and wonderfully Canadian. It's very calming and silly. I enjoy this half hour show, and don't miss it. This week it's supposed to be a Fight Club inspired episode, except it's Fondue Club. I love the small town silliness.

House A really thrilling medical drama, with a great cast, great writers. Sure it can be a little formulaic, but it's not a bad formula. I love the characters. Exciting, funny, silly. Hugh Laurie is in it, of Black Adder, and Wooster and Jeeves .. or is it Jeeves and Wooster.. anyways I used to watch it back in London. Anyways, he's excellent in it, unique, original, and very different from any other character I've seen him play.

Rescue Me - oh this show is so sexy.. Dennis Leary plays an angry and patriotically Irish firefighter in New York City. Lots of sex, steamy and heart-bracingly delicious sex scenes. Lots of brutality, action, etc. I love it.

Bones -A great Anthropological crime solving show, using high tech equipment (some fantasy I think), and really getting the human element in. It's very warm, friendly - the camaraderie and interpersonal relationship evolution makes it so much more organic that some crime shows.

Lost - I love a good mystery. If you haven't heard of this show, where have you been hiding?

Night Stalker - Paranormal journalism. X-Files and the Chronicle mixed together. It's not very funny, more serious.. but I still like it.

Ugly Betty - I like this show, but I can see myself disliking it in the future. I don't like when good people get screwed, bullied, and humiliated.. it's just not my fun. But I love the character of Betty, her Family, and some of her new coworkers. I like the female empowerment vibes, and I really enjoy most of this show. Just not the bullying!! But it's a great div ice to build to a proper catharsis.

CSI - my second fave show of the week, after Supernatural. I love CSI in Vegas. I love all the characters, I love the writing, I love the direction, I love the actors, I love everything about this show. I love working my brain on a mystery.

Supernatural - my favorite show of all times. LOVE IT. I am so happy it's back for a second season. Great looking art direction (and cast.. rrrrow), great stories, great plots, great characters, great acting.. these guys make Classic Rock cool again. These are really freaky stories and wonderful special FX make them come alive. I can't express how much I love this show.

Jericho - for the laughs. This is THE most predictable series ever known to man. Me and my Mom watch it, and I can predict everything down to the minute. It's not my psychic powers.. that's for sure. Feels like this show is an instruction manual from the government to scare voters into voting republican.. See? This could happen.. the terrorists could bomb us, and THIS is what you have to do.. and BTW, we were right about the plastic sheeting and tape. It's maudlin and quite hard to watch if you expect it to be a serious show.

Eureka - a mad scientist town. Funny, quirky, science fiction in present day. This also gives off a "The Chronicle" vibe. Very cool new show.

Now, whenever I'm watching tv, I HAVE to be doing something else. Otherwise I feel like I'm "wasting" time. So I Sudoku to sharpen the grey matter, I draw, I cut out articles from magazines and recipes, I play Pyramid, I play with Gordon, I do gentle Yoga (still not able to do much exercise. I work on novels. My favorite exercise is shopping. Doesn't matter if I can/do buy something, as long as I am out and about in the social world. Staying home too much gives the cabin fever!! Anyways, I like to watch tv as long as I can do something else at the same time.

Getting sleepy, later gators :)

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