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Friday, October 06, 2006

Gordon Update!

As asked for, MORE GORDON!!!

Age: 4.2 months.

Weight: 9.75 lbs.

Level of Sass: 9/10.

Sit, Lay Down, Stay, Come, Leash, Roll Over, Shake a Paw, (toys) Mr. Sock, Mr. Celery, Mr. Moo, Walk, Brush, Training Time, Sit on your Pillow, PP outside, Snout (to clean his eyes we must hold onto his snout, he hates things getting close to his eyes), Car Ride, the Boys (he loves my nephews), Jump, Dance (a variable of Jump), good boy, bad boy, bedtime, Up, Down.. I am sure there is more, but I am sleepy. All training sessions are meant to give him more grip on what we are saying, he's a Gemini doggy and likes to get in on the conversations we have. Also, he knows many of these terms in French instead of English, as we are a bilingual family. And, well, he's a Bichon Frisé!!

He's pretty skinny, when we put his little coat on, you can really tell the skinniness. I want to send in the photo of him in his sweater to magazines, so I am not going to put it here. I am also going to enter the photos into calendars :) I don't want to enter him into physical competition, as I have seen dog shows and don't want him to ever go near those things. Not that they are evil, but Gordon is a family man, not a show man. We don't intend on breeding him or making him look like a froo froo girly dog! HE IS MACHO! hehe.

He loves to lick and cuddle, he actually gives hugs - he puts his front paws on either side of my neck and squeezes, licks, and then gets down. I understand this is a domination thing, but I just love it too much. I'm his equal in this house I think, but my Parents surely are good at showing him they are the bosses. To Gordie, I am his teacher, his sister maybe, and his playmate.

Favorite Games:
Hide and Seek, Fetch, Tag, and Tug.

Pet Peeves (heehee!):
People who bother him when he's taking a nap, having anything close to his eyes, having his ear hairs plucked (a must-do for Bichon ears, as they tend to get long inner hairs that mat and wax, and then plug), Squirrels, Lemons, not playing when he wants to play, barking dogs, too much light when he's trying to nap.. what a diva.., people taking off his sweater when he's cold, the Vet, that People Food isn't for Doggies (we don't feed him human food), okay he has lots of Peeves, but I'm getting sleepy.

More to come on Gord, and thanks for your comment, Colleen!!

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