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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Emotional Pain Turns Physical..

Pictured left is Lisa Sweet's "Backwards Figment" - She's one of my favorite digital artists, if not THE favorite.. as she seems to be extremely apt to describe how I feel.. This is one of her newer pieces, although this is NOT a TENS Machine (I own one) - it reminds me of one... and my eyes sometimes feel like they're being electrocuted (a symptom I have) - so this is a great example of that aptness. Not only physically, but today I feel like my eyes are the enemy. I followed them down a path with a man, and I should have listened to my intuition instead. My intuition usually knows best. Two days before the breakup I knew it was over. I felt like shit emotionally for no reason - like I was already broken up. But I'm not broken up, I'm still whole. I'm just in physical pain from fibro, and emotional pain from loss. We're always whole, nothing can truly tear us apart. There's always a small piece of us that's eternally safe from all harm.

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