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Monday, December 18, 2006

Feeling better

Hello friends..
Well I'm feeling better. Last night I was sitting there, depressed, and I said, "I'm tired of being depressed.. I'm going to do everything it takes to smile."
So I sat there, looked at some pics (including this one), wrote out a list of things to be happy about, wrote out a list of reasons I like being me, did some pranayama, meditated, read a book on Buddhism, and then smiled.
I was finally done being depressed. Thank goodness. I hate being depressed. The root of my depression is my fear of being alone.. and when you fear being alone, there's nothing like Yoga, Buddhism, and other kinds of spiritual philosophy to remind you that:
a) We're never really alone
b) We're always alone
c) Alone is a word that can be used as a positive or a negative.. so try your hardest to see it as positive.
I have a wonderful family, wonderful friends, and I'm extremely spiritual and in that have strong belief that we can never be alone - even if we try.
Depression is a Devil on your back, whispering nonsense and pushing you down the spiral staircase into your own personal Hell. Fight back in any way you can, and escape the prison of your own attitude. My attitude kept me down for seven days, but now those seven days are over and I'm all the better for it.
So no worries :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Glad that you're feeling better Em! I'll be in Ottawa this Thursday till the 2nd.