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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Stale Biscuits

I'm still feeling out of sorts. I thought I'd write about it... and post a cute pic ;) which has little or nothing to do with my thoughts.

I feel like I've missed the bus
Standing on the platform at dusk
Broken shoes unwalkable cracked
Not dressed for this weather
A note with a number, a hope, snatched
By the wind, by fate, by digits unseen
The bus is gone and where
Do I go from here?

It's like apathy is growing within me, a dry urge to foresake the future and live apart from the herd. It's a deep disgust, a fight-or-flight reaction. I just don't trust other people all that much, and recent events have made me trust them a lot less. Thus is the refrain in my head.

Of course there's still the positivity - but it's so abstract now. Like a little rabbit that runs away if you get close enough to alert it with your scent. I want to grab it and feel positive always, potently, and with a zest I used to feel before I ever risked myself to open up.

Sleepy always, fatigue to the core - wherefrom did this new burst of depression come? Who knows? It's not me, it's the disease of depression.. I know it's not me because I would never have such dark thoughts.

Ain't that kitty cute? This world is still pretty.

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