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Sunday, December 31, 2006

What I learned this year....

Here are some things I learned this year. In no special order...

  • A man about to retire is happy, a man who's just retired is confused, a man in the second month of retirement is frustrated and angry, etc. Retirement is like a little death, and not the holiday that was planned.
  • Have patience with people when you'd want them to have patience with you. Especially when you're being a grumpy bum.
  • Nice guys are normal guys with a "nice" mask and a reason for wearing it. Bad guys are normal guys with a "bad" mask on, and a reading for wearing it. Normal guys are guys who either are enlightened enough not to wear a mask, or too lazy to bother.
  • Men like to show me pictures, videos, and in person shows of their genitalia. I don't know why, but it's funny to talk about over dinner with friends.
  • Puppies are a lot more work than I thought. But they also add a certain unique fullness to life, and a reason for me to get up in the morning. Also, Gordon is a great name for a Bichon Frise with a penchant for kisses.
  • Eating Binges are an addiction and need to be treated as such. They're not the same as drug addictions, but the temptations are everywhere - and food is accessible everywhere and every day. Cheaper than illegal drugs. Although I'd rather be addicted to binging than crack or meth. Especially meth. Anyways, as soon as you see it as an addiction and treat it that way, it get easier, and hope is more tangible for recovery.
  • Guild Wars, Silk Road, Eve Online are all incredibly addictive.
  • Cute pictures have the power to turn a frown into an awwwwwww :)
  • If someone or something appears too good to be true, be suspicious - it is too good to be true and you're about to get sucker punched.
  • If you make a goal, in order to reach it - you have to work on it everyday, as well as your motivations for said goal. If you leave it alone for too long, it'll disappear over the horizon.
  • TENS machines work.
  • The old concept of one bad deed against you taking up the same space as 10 good deeds in the thought loops of the mind. Rude people, mean people, etc.. It's good to forcefully remember the good deeds on you, list them, and then the bad deeds seem much less important.
  • People will never fully understand that touching my arms hurts like hell.. lol.
  • I let out only a little bit of myself at a time when getting to know someone - I used to be an open book. When did that happen?
  • Blocking people isn't an insult, it's a preventative medicine. Especially men who need to send me penis pictures involving small stuffed animals.
That's it for now, time for me to go and celebrate a little. More on 2006 later.


buddamom said...

eeeek! I didn't realize these pictures you recieve involve small stuffed animals that's just WRONG...pass them along..heheheh!

Loved your list! Always good to reflect on what you've learned - espeically in a place where you can go back and look.

Loved the retirement lesson - heheh!
Happy New Year Em!
Smiles Kira
PS - finally got my blog up and running again still need to do the template, but got a post..hehe!

Em said...

Sweet blog Kira! I can't wait to see more posts!
Thanks for the comment :) And yep, that's why I did the post, so I can come back and read it when I need it the most.
I'm glad you liked the retirement one, that was my fave :)

Love you!

Colleen said...

on the plus side, my dad seemed to enjoy the stories at dinner.

Colleen said...

And by 'my dad' I mean Darrell's dad. Since this is Darrell.

Thing seems to be stuck on Colleen's profile.

Em said...

hehehe thanks for posting Darrell!!

Hehehe I'm glad your dad liked the stories ;) I certainly like telling them. hehehe

Big hugs,