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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Yup, another Earthquake! Eastern Ontario. August 23rd 2011

Several back and forth style tremors felt in Orleans, Ottawa, and Cornwall.. Calling around for more locations. Share your stories and lemme know!!

Update: Virginia!!! 5.8 epicenter????
New York STATE, Ohio felt it.

Lol CNN still have not posted about Canadians feeling the quakes.

Update: London, Ontario checked in - sorry the comment system is mailing by not authoizing very quickly. Yup, it's the same quake!!

Update: Montreal felt it

Thanks for all your comments, I will put the info in this post as they come in and publish them once I can get the authorization to work :s Chaple Hill ty for comment!! You felt it too!

Update: up to the Laurentian Mountains!

Update: Pennsylvania felt it

Update: people are feeling it in Fredrickton, New Brunswick!

Oh and reporters are now starting to pump out the multiple locations. Good job!!!!

Update: Thanks for reporting in Maryland!

Update: Thanks for reporting Michigan! Detroit!

Update: Thanks for your report Delaware, Chicago, New York City, and Conneticut!

Update: Thanks friends in Sudbury, North Bay, and Hamilton Ontario. I appreciate the reports so I can see the distance.

Update: Thanks to Toronto and Indiana for reporting in!

A lot of people are getting evacuated in case of aftershocks which csn be more powerful than the initial quakes. We counted three here in Ottawa. Again, like last time.. My fibromyalgia was acting up like crazy before the quake and I had to lay down, I am always in bed when these things strike. Interesting. Keep the locations coming and I will post them when I can. I love hearing these tremor tales!

Update: the quakes were reported to me in Waterloo Ontario, Belleville, Windsor, and South Carolina. Thus ends my hour of amateur reporting!! Thanks for your reports and I will see you next time I have an interesting project ;)

After the first one (here I would say it was around 3 on the RS) I went to the bathroom and got another one.. O m g .. I felt seasick!! It was interesting. It was slight enough not to be at all scary but enough to be fun. Those are the good types of quakes ;)

Tip: avoid going to the bathroom while an earthquake is in progress! Feels sooooo wrong.

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MayblesLondon said...

The building at King Street and Wellington in London, Ontario (where my husband works) was just shaking a few minutes ago and they evacuated the building. Could be connected?

DR said...

Yes - felt it too

DR said...

Yes - felt it too here in Chapel Hill South