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Monday, June 12, 2006

Art - Rustfire

Before I deleted the first version of this website, I was starting work on Artist profiles.. artists that really do it for me. I intend to revisit the artists I already covered, as well as continue. I also will share my own works here.

My Works
Here's a computer painting I did a while ago I wanted to share with you. It's called Rustfire and I created it whilst in a rather .. upset mood. I enjoy him greatly. It expresses pain mainly, also frustration released through anger, and tension released through violence. I enjoy the textures I accomplished, as well as the colours that shine through.

I'm not too bad. I am starting to sleep more.. so the shreddies that are my brain are a little more stable. Yesterday was a little bipolar (I don't have manic depression btw.. just depression.. lol) good and bad times. I got really depressed then I was uplifted by many great conversations both online and off. I also took some great pictures I'll have to share later.

T o m o r r o w
I hope to get a photoshoot of more flowers, trike around, oh yeah - for those of you who just started reading: I own a trike. I love it. It's an adult trike and doesn't look like the one you used to have as a kid.. unless you were really lucky.


Doug said...

Wow! That's yours? Wicked!

Em said...

Thanks! You're such a sweety thanks for visiting :) mwah