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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I'm so annoyed about Tuesday.. Spam Evolution... Today's Ramble

Spam mails are a fetish of mine. I love how people phish and rat around for hits, email addies, and info - not love in the sense that I like when it happens to me - but love in the sense that it's evolving. The ghost in the machine smiles at me as I read through my bulk bin, eating spam up with my delete key.
The latest mail trend I've noticed is: "I'm so annoyed about ______", that blank filled in with a random day of the week. I count how many I get in a day, my various email accounts filling up like rain barrels during a Summer downpour. I used to hate it, and hate that I had to delete them.. or hate that I would get trapped by one. Yep, I've clicked on a link or two in my younger years, much younger years. When I first heard of Spam.. BBS's never had spam. I miss dailing in with my 14.4 downloading crappy jpgs and thinking it was the coolest, little QBasic programs.
I used to program QBasic... I miss it. So simple. I tried getting into VB, but found it to take too much attention in those days when I was hunting for the hairy hunk of flesh known as a boyfriend. Then I got into highschool and the Internet became more accessible. 14.4, bah, I got me a 28.8! RAD. I got me some Hotmail. Damn, I was hot shit getting the net first out of all my friends. I miss not being a slave to the net. I miss not knowing what LOL is and :) - I was a Super Highway virgin, now I'm a Net Junkie, ravaged by all the stuff crammed into my head every day. So much info.. so many people.
I see you, I see you in that car adjacent to me on the Super Highway, I live next to you in the Global Village. We all hate those pest home owners on the corner of the street that send us spam.. cooking BBQ's of Phish at night... and I don't mean the folk band. There goes the cybernetic neighborhood.. now moves in the Gore Mongers, now moves in the Pedos, now moves in the Anorexic Pride DIY sites and the terrorist planning complexes.. what the hell happened to our Global Village?
It's a mirror, so of course it's going to have beautiful support groups and cute baby animals, as well as pictures of people with their faces blown off and they're still breathing. We as humans frighten me sometimes, not because we look at harlequin babies with fearful eyes between fingers, but because so many people are surprised by the fact that there is so much darkness on the net. The good thing about this matrix neighborhood is that we can build firewalls around our swimming pools and picture windows, we can't do that in real life, damn municipal laws. I'd love to build huge concrete walls around my house... then I could safely lay naked in a hammock reading computer magazines and drinking a huge glass of privacy. I have very nosey neighbors that sit in their lawn chairs facing my house. Yeah. They BBQ really late at night, or should I say morning. Reminds me of the 'Burbs movie for some reason.
I'm not pointing fingies here, I'm as sick as I think I could be, I just keep it to myself. My true fetishes secret from everyone I know, just the way it should be. You got skeletons, tell your priest, your psychologist, your cat - but if you tell your friends, well then you've stopped being friends and started being in a whole new relationship... a group of naked apes - if you show me yours, I'll show you mine kinda thing. Privacy is golden. Keep your fetishes, religion, dark morals, and secretive murderous tendencies to yourself, and you'll have much better friendships in my vain opinion. I love the word Vain, Vanity.. like truffles on the tongue and down the throat... I am vain and arrogant. I am paranoid and suspicious of everything and the kitchen sink....

Although emphatically, my darkness does not break any laws, I try to stick on the right side of that line. I hate hurting people...

So while I listen to Charles Brown and Jimmy Smith on my internet radio, I try to forget how deeply twisted human beings can be, including me (maybe especially me), and sink into a bubble bath of blogs, friends' emails, Cute Overload, and online gaming. That's the good side of the neighborhood.

Ahh, it's good to climb out of a hole.

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